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Frequently Asked Questions

sales related questions

Q How do I place an order?


You can simply order online and pay securely or via telephone on 0845 475 5049. You can also pay by cheque or postal order. Alternatively you can fax your order, or why not visit our customer service centre in Birmingham where you can place your order in person where cash is also accepted.


Q What are your business hours?


Our sales office is available from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Our delivery teams work 6am to 10pm.


Q Are you flexible on price?


Certainly! You can email us or call on 0845 475 5049 making us your best offer. We do stress however that most of our prices are at the lowest possible and the lowest in the United Kingdom. If purchasing a large or bulk order, we can often reduce the price depending on your location.


Q Can you help me decide?


Our company started in a retail outlet offering useful, honest and expert advice on furniture and interiors. Our staff are not only very highly trained and armed with good product knowledge, but we also have members on our team who live for interior design! Send us an email or call us for the best advice on any theme, product or difficulties you may be experiencing.


Q Can you custom make furniture?


We can custom make certain products and specialise finishes of particular ranges. Custom orders however are classified as special order items which cannot be returned or cancelled after ordering unless faulty. Email us at sales@themodernhome.co.uk for more information.


Q Do you have more products?


Yes we do have hundreds of products unlisted on our website. Updating the website is a full time project lasting the whole year, where new products are added and old discontinued. We would love your help in helping us categorise products. For more information, please visit our Experimental section.


Q I have seen the same product cheaper elsewhere?


Although we will match any price for the identical item (T&Cs apply), we do stress that we try to operate a fantastic service, efficient delivery and professional after sales support compared to many competitors. Therefore we do charge the very minimum of profit on our products. We believe any company working for any less, will perhaps not be as hassle-free a shopping experience as you may wish for. Nevertheless, this is only relevant if you can find anyone with a cheaper price than ours on any product.


Q I want you to price match an item?


We will go one step further and promise to beat any genuine offer from a bonafide VAT registered supplier.

order related questions

Q I have placed an order online, now what happens?


You will receive an automated email response from us indicating your order has successfully been received. Immediately after you will receive a separate email informing you that payment has been authorised by your bank.


If you fail to receive these two emails you must add sales@themodernhome.co.uk to your email safe list.


Q I have received nothing since ordering?


If you have not received any automated emails, unfortunately they cannot be sent again, although we do request at checkout that our email address is added to your safe list before proceeding. If you order by telephone we can send out a paper receipt should you require it. You should now log in and track the status of your order in My Account to ensure the order has been paid for. AOL and NTLWorld block all of our emails without filtering to junk box and we are working with them to rectify the situation.


Q I failed to pay successfully at checkout, can I still pay now?


Yes. If you got to the checkout page and clicked confirm, even before payment, your order has actually been saved and sent to us. If you have failed to successfully pay due to a system error, or declined card, you can try again immediately or at a later date. Simply log into My Account and track the order to complete payment online for that particular pending order.


Q When will I hear from you?


Each day we process numerous orders from our portfolio of websites and although it can take some time to individually address each customer and order, rest assured if your order has been received, it will receive our full attention. We will then contact you if there are any problems with your order or any stock issues such as delays.


Q I have received an email stating that my order status has been updated?


Order Status Update emails are our unique way of informing the customer that there has been a significant change in the status of their order. You can also log in to My Account and track the status of your order. Common order statuses are as follows:


Pending = Payment has not yet been received.

Paid = Payment has successfully been received before fraud screening.

Processing = Payment has been fraud screened and your order is awaiting dispatch.

Pre-Route '#' = The order is queued for delivery awaiting the next available vehicle to your city.

Route '#' = A vehicle has been allocated for your delivery. You should now expect a telephone call or email at least 24 hours before delivery to arrange a convenient time.


Other order statuses can also be:

Hold = You have agreed to wait for your out-of-stock item to return into stock.

Refund_Request = Refund request is pending and is awaiting management approval within 14 days.

Refunded = Refund request has been successful and a partial or full refund has been initiated.

Cancelled = Order has been cancelled for various reasons such as insufficient stock or at your request.

Dispatched = Order has been handed to a 3rd party courier who will deliver to you instead of us.

Outgoing = Order is awaiting dispatch to a specialist courier in the fragile handling bay of our  warehouse.


If you do not receive an order status update email due to email provider settings, you can still log in to My Account to track the status of your order.


Q Can I track my order?


You can log in to My Account and track the status of your order.


Q It has been almost 14 days and I have not heard from you?


Because we deliver almost every single piece of furniture using our own vehicles and staff, it can take up to 21 days to deliver around the country. Most deliveries are completed within 7 days, but can take around 14 days. You will certainly receive a telephone call from our Transport Office at least 24 hours before delivery to arrange a convenient time.


Q I do not want to order online?


You are welcome to order by telephone on 0845 475 5049 or visit our customer service centre located in Birmingham.


Q I have been told my item is out of stock?


In the rare instance that your order is out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible. You will then be offered the option to cancel your order for a full refund, wait for your item to return into stock, or you may wish to opt for an alternative.


Q Can I cancel my order?


You can cancel any standard order prior to dispatch for a full refund. If your order has been dispatched, we will deduct delivery charges. Special order items such as the TFW and CPW ranges cannot be cancelled or will encounter at least a 50% return fee. Click here for a full list of special order items


Q My order is not in stock but I have still been charged?


New PCI DSS credit card regulations prevent retailers from holding onto customer credit card details for any longer than necessary. Therefore as soon as you enter your credit card details online or provide them by telephone, they are automatically deleted as soon as your payment has been processed by the Sage Pay gateway system. Therefore your card is charged immediately although a refund can also be initiated straight away.

delivery related questions

Q Is delivery really free?


We offer free delivery throughout England. However to Scotland we charge £25 delivery (excluding Highlands) and to Wales we charge £15 for any order.


Q How long does delivery take?


Delivery is usually completed in 7 days but often can take up to 14 days. In rare instances, delivery can take up to 21 days, particularly to Scotland. Please allow the full 21 day period for delivery before contacting us.


Q Can I get an idea of delivery day?


We cannot confirm a delivery date until routes are planned. We do not have set days for particular areas of the UK, so please do not call the sales office requesting a delivery day as we will not be able to provide this information. What we can assure you of, is that we will call you to confirm 24 hours before delivery.


Q Who will deliver my goods?


Our own trained staff will deliver in our own vehicles. Couriers are only used in rare instances.


Q Do I need to assist the driver?


If a single man delivers, we may call you beforehand to ask if assistance can be offered. If you cannot help, or do not feel comfortable with lifting, then please refuse so we can rearrange delivery when our dual-man delivery team is available (this can take a further 7 days as our 2 man teams are limited).


Q When will you inform me of delivery?


We will telephone you at least 24 hours before delivery to arrange a suitable time. If you are not available at the offered timeslot, we will try our best to work around your schedule. If a suitable time cannot be agreed, we will rearrange delivery for the following week.


Q What are your delivery times?


Our delivery teams deliver from 6am to 10pm, every day of the week, 365 days per year.


Q Can I change the delivery address?


You can specify an alternative delivery address, such as a work address, at checkout. We cannot guarantee we will deliver to any other address than the card-holders unless approved.

customer service related questions

Q What shall I do if I find damage to my goods?


Fill in a customer service support ticket immediately at www.themodernhome.co.uk/support. Please ensure you have not assembled the item or attempted to assemble it or we cannot accept any returns for damage to goods. We must be informed within writing within 7 days of delivery.


Q What shall I do if my goods are faulty?


Faulty goods are different to damaged goods. Faulty goods can be returned within a reasonable period of time if found to be defective. In the event of faulty goods, please fill in a customer service support ticket as soon as possible at www.themodernhome.co.uk/support.


Q I have begun to assemble my item but found damage to part of it?


Goods which have been assembled or any attempt thereof cannot be returned if damage is found. It is essential that you inspect each piece of any flat packed furniture before you attempt assembly.


Q I think I have damaged the item myself during assembly?


Unfortunately this is the main reason that we cannot accept returns for any damages reported after assembly has begun. Please use a 3rd party company or competent assembly person to build your furniture if you feel you are incapable of assembling your goods.